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A warm welcome to the Hillingdon Brain Tumour and Injury website. 

In most cases if you are reading this you may have a brain tumour or you have a loved one that has just been diagnosed or recently received treatment.

We are here to provide active support to anyone in the Hillingdon and surrounding areas affected by any type of brain tumour or brain injury. We aim to help patients, carers, friends and family live as full a life as possible, with the best quality of life.  We also raise awareness in the local medical and general community of the symptoms and effects of brain tumours.

We pride ourselves on offering a unique, life-improving post-operative package for all our members including access to neuropsychologists, complementary therapists and all the assistance and advice they need.

We know that a brain tumour diagnosis is overwhelming, confusing and isolating. We know how challenging it is to find the information you need to understand your options, to take the best pathway for you and access the support you need to help you make that journey. We know what it’s like because we’ve been there too.

Boris Johnson, our local MP and Foreign Secretary, is our patron and we are very grateful for his support and interest.

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In 2009 my husband, Cyril, was diagnosed with a brain tumour. It hit us and our three children hard. We put our lives on hold while we fought to get a diagnosis, got second opinions, took tough decisions, dealt with radical surgery, adjusted slowly to a new way of life, started picking up the pieces and, ultimately, are surviving.

It was the hardest challenge of our lives. Surviving a brain tumour or dealing with the after effects of treatment is also hard. Survivorship support is not easy to access but is essential to help mend lives.

We set up this group in 2009 to share what we had learned and to ensure that no one in our community should have to make this journey alone. Our support is tailored individually to you.

  • Practical help with referrals or private scans ensure timely diagnosis to save lives.
  • Advice and information to improve understanding and empower you to make the right decisions for your situation.
  • Counselling and alternative therapies to help repair families.
  • Group meetings offer new ways to cope and let you know that you are not alone.

Contact Hillingdon Brain Tumour Group at for whatever support meets your needs right now. We want to help.

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Becky and Cyril Haggar

Upcoming events

Support Group Meeting (weekend)
Saturday 24 November 2018

Support Group Meeting (week day)
Thursday 13 December 2018

Support Group Meeting (weekend)
Saturday 29 December 2018

Support Group Meeting (week day)
Thursday 10 January 2019

Support Group Meeting (weekend)
Saturday 26 January 2019

Road to recovery

Road to recovery

Helping those living with a brain tumour access the support services they need to resume an active life for as long as possible.

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Support meetings

Support meetings

Friendly, informal get-togethers twice per month for everyone affected by any type of brain tumour or injury. Free to attend.

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Symptom awareness

Symptom awareness

Diagnosis times in the UK for brain tumours are unacceptably long. Understand the symptoms - be brain tumour aware.

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We need your help to support as many brain tumour patients and their families as possible in the Hillingdon area and beyond. Your generosity will help save lives and heal families in our community.

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