My story mum of three

I am a mum of three and in 2015, I found myself in a vortex of personal crises.  One assault after the other on my personal relationships, pregnancy, home, health and wellbeing and then in December I faced the biggest blow.  My eldest daughter Daniella, then 11yr old, was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour and given a very short time to live.  She was fit and healthy prior to this, she had just started and was enjoying high school and had her whole life ahead of her!  She had no major tell-tale symptom or illness.  She only complained of the occasionally irritated right eye and when that eye stopped pulling to the right corner, we thought a simple trip to the optometrist would soon solved it.  How wrong we were.  Suddenly, our lives were overcome in an acute barrage of medical intervention, biopsies, medication, ‘treatment’, hospital trips etc.


Everything was shattered as we knew it and it engulfed our existence.  The bleak diagnosis stopped life dead in its tracks.  The colour faded, the music stopped, suddenly there was nothing, no one could understand and no one to help.  The days and weeks rolled into one and I felt isolated, helpless, hopeless and lost.  As if the weight of my reality would certainly crush me.  I remember as the world celebrated and rang in the new year, I was at GOSH with my daughter post-surgery and in despair.  I desperately clung on to my faith in God as a very last hope and remained prayerful.  I didn’t know how BUT somehow, I believed there had to be a way through this if not out of this.


Just when I thought all was lost, I was introduced to Mrs Becky Haggar from the HBTG on the 4th of January 2016.  I will never forget that first meeting, that defining moment – the first step, the turning point, when the Lord sent help and offered hope to brighten the darkness.  From that moment on, Becky came on board as a buddy to my family and walked the journey with us.  I never knew such a charity existed.  I became aware of the charity’s work, the nature of the illness, it’s challenges and incidence across the local population.  I felt their values and positive approach aligned with mine and I was encouraged not to give up but to continue the fight for my daughter’s life.


Becky became like a family member and armed us with loads of information and emotional support.  The charity provided resources and support to help survive our ordeal and slowly rebuild.  Daniella remained strong in spirit and full of hope.  We successfully completed our house move, my son continued school, my baby eventually came home from hospital and Dannie lived to see her 12th birthday!  Sadly, Daniella passed away on the 19th of May and through the grief, Becky has remained by our side as a source of strength and help us as we continue to rebuild.



I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Becky and the HBTG charity for their support to my family.  I believe you are God’s instruments on earth and the work that you do is immeasurable.  Thank you for everything!