We’re on the lookout for volunteers to help us improve the lives of brain tumour patients and their families within Hillingdon and the local area.

The Hillingdon Brain Tumour and Injury Group currently relies on a tiny number of dedicated volunteers to do everything that is required to run the charity.

We are growing fast and we know that there are so many more people that need our help, but we are in need of some more volunteers to help us reach them all.

Whether you can spare a couple of hours once a month or a couple of days on a more frequent basis, there is a role for you with us. We also frequently need support at one-off events.

Whatever talents you have, we can put them to good use saving and improving lives.

So whether you are good at social media, admin, book keeping, making tea and coffee, caring, listening, talking, making contact with local medical practitioners, writing funding proposals or have nursing or other relevant experience there is something you can do to help.

Volunteering with us is a fun and rewarding way to make a real difference to families in the local community.

Just take a look at the statistics below to see just how much your help is needed.

Statistics infographic