Counselling for Children

Counselling for Children

When you or your partner are facing a brain tumour diagnosis or dealing with ongoing symptoms or treatment it’s almost as much as you can do to survive and deal with your own feelings. All too often with the effort involved in trying to keep afloat, trying to get to the hospitals, etc your focus for the children is about ensuring the day to day routines are maintained.

This can be a very emotional time for children both before and after diagnosis and living with the changes brought about by the brain tumour.

Many families struggle and often the children’s challenges go unnoticed, as the awareness and understanding of the trauma is not common in schools. It is not unusual for schools to believe that any problems have disappeared once the tumour has been ‘dealt with’.

In our journey as a family we have had to adjust and this has brought with it awful stress and strains and breakdowns for the children.

Hillingdon Brain Tumour Group has child counsellors that work within the group to help rebuild their lives too, so please do feel free to contact us.

We also work alongside Hillingdon Carers who provide good support with day trips out for children.