Hands-on therapies

Hands-on therapies

We have created strong links with Spatium – a local Complementary Therapy specialist. We know from first hand experience that just an hour out can mean so much for the patient and the carer. It can mean a stress free break as well as help aid recovery.

Spatium Alternative and Complementary Medicine offers a very diverse service, including hands on therapies (different massage techniques, reflexology, yoga) and energy-based therapies such as reiki. They have experience working with different disciplines including oncology and palliative care.

Some of the benefits of their therapies are reduction of stress, pain relief, reduction of symptoms related to medication, psychological and emotional improvement, a well-being factor that helps the patient to improve their mental disposition regarding their condition and treatments.

There are other physiological benefits, such as stimulation of the circulatory, lymphatic, immunological systems which also helps the digestive system. The therapies promote deep relaxation and improve sleeping patterns.

For those who are comfortable being touched there is not only a benefit in the nervous system but a humane quality of care and attention from one person to another, which in itself has unique healing qualities.

Spatium believes in a holistic approach, not only in relation to the patient, but to all those involved, such as family members or carers. Caring for the carer and the relatives is as vital as caring for the patient him/herself.

View Spatium’s website for more information