Please see below for the minutes of the most recent trustees meeting.



DATE: 17/8/17

VENUE: Centre of Hope



Present: Becky Haggar, Maria Penicud, Karen Hunt, Nayan Patel, Dee Wilson, Malcolm Underhill,  Phil Kemish, Ally Foley,

Apologies: Mick Geraghty, MaryOConnor, Abhay Shah



Becky opened the meeting by saying  the minutes of the last meeting held in June 2017 were not attached as that meeting was not quorate.

Chair’s report was read, Becky gave an anonymised version of the 5+ families she is buddying. She is finding it very difficult to manage this level of buddying alongside her other two jobs. Trustees thanked Becky for her hard work.

Trustees thanked Abhay for his provision of emergency support  for a client from HBTIG. Abhay was also thanked for his offer of 2 hrs per week of a care worker. The trustees thanked Daniel  Hall and James Austin  for their help inputting items, e.g. trustee minutes, onto the charity’s website. However, an active website manager is still needed, so that our website is constantly updated. Nayan suggested seeking help from Brunel university to put reports on the HBTG website. Malcolm suggested asking Changing Faces or Hillingdon Mind to help with website updates, and he will get in touch with the IT at Hillingdon Mind.

Becky suggested all trustees look at the audited reports on the charity commission’s website. Becky thanked Ally for her help in getting HBTG accounts audited.

Becky went through the list of tasks  on the task sheet to ensure shared accountability for their completion. Becky updated this task list.

Trustees were asked  to volunteer to interview internal candidates for a shop  manager position on Saturdays. The advert to go out on Tuesday next week. Interviews will be held on Tuesday, September 26th, @ 6 pm to prepare. Interviews to start at 7 pm. Malcolm, Ally and Karen offered to do the interviews. Maria to send  them out  suggested questions, person spec and job description.

Dee will set up volunteer meetings once a month.

Cheryl Ford has asked to sell her clothes at 20% to give back to the charity., all trustees agreed for a 6 month trail period and then it will be reviewed. Two rails  at the back of the shop to be offered to Cheryl. Becky to let her know, Maria to set up a contract and send it to Cheryl.

Thank you to Karen for all her help setting up the clothes rail at the beck of the shop. Trustees thanked Carol for all the food she contributes to the group meetings. Thanks were given to Trisha for her help in setting up the shop window.

Becky and Ally will meet to set up a budget and expenditure spreadsheet.

Becky and Maria to meet with Rob to look for funding for a CEO and a Job spec for the CEO position  to be brought to the next trustee meeting.

Trustees agreed that a counsellor can now offer 2 hours counselling a week for 6 months, Maria to contact  the counsellor with a start date.

Trustees thanked Ally for these updated, clear accounts.

Mick Geraghty’s  report was read and thanks  were given for all his hard work in supporting the charity with all his fundraising efforts, raising over £1000, with more fund raising events planned for this year. Thanks were  given to Peter and Sharon Dean for all their fundraising efforts, raising over £1000 in book sales. Thanks were given to Malcolm and the IBB Solicitors for their grant of over £3000. Certificates of thanks were sent to all above.

Malcolm suggested that HBTIG clients could be approached for legacies in a sensitive manner. It was suggested the opportunity to give a legacy, to the charity, Amazon and Easy  Fundraising  be added to the website and highlighted to those being supported by the charity. Malcolm will email us all on how to use Easy Fundraising.

It was suggested that local business could be contacted for fundraising. Including ASDA, Lloyds, Santander, etc. Maria/ Becky to draft a letter and Philip to send it out to local businesses. Philip was thanked for all his help with fundraising and for his ideas on approaching local industry.

Dee read out her shop manager’s report, trustees thanked Dee for her hard work as a shop manager.

Malcolm suggested that when we get an active website manager, an online questionnaire is set up on the website. From 25th May 2018 a new data protection legal requirement will come into force. Malcolm will find out more about this.  Malcolm offered to put this data through his work website. Becky and Malcolm will meet up to devise questions for the questionnaire. The Brain Tumour charity has got a questionnaire which may be helpful. It was suggested that HBTG should find alliances  with other charities, Nayan will research if data is available from other charities and bring a report to the  next trustee meeting.

The report on the stress busting sessions from Gillian Benbow was read and appreciated by all trustees.

Becky thanked all for their support and help.

It was suggested that a GP should be invited to join the advisory board or come as a trustee. All trustees were asked to use their contacts to see if they can invite a GP/s to join the charity.

The meeting closed at 9.10 pm


Maria Penicud

Vice Chair


Becky Haggar

Becky Haggar

Becky co-founded the Hillingdon Brain Tumour Support Group in 2009 as a result of her husband’s diagnosis with a life threatening brain tumour and their family’s struggles to deal with everything that came with it, read more here. HBTG is Becky’s passion, and she strives to ensure the charity provides the optimum service and care for others, minimising the emotional pain. Becky works with the group to continually improve the services to others and to create a hub of life, helping the patients, carers and their families with positive ways to adapt to the new life. Becky is also councillor for Eastcote and East Ruislip.

Mary O’ Connor MBE

Mary O’ Connor MBE

A retired nurse and Hayes resident for 43 years Mary has been actively involved in the local community for many years. She has served as a school governor for 18 years. As well as securing funds for a new youth centre, Mary has helped deliver improvements to local libraries and a community centre as Charville’s councillor for 12 years until 2014. Mary also served as Mayor of Hillingdon in 2011/12 and is Hillingdon Council’s governor on the board of Hillingdon Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. Mary received an MBE for services to A&E nursing in 2000.

Maria Penicud

Maria Penicud

I have been working with children and young people all my life, as a playgroup leader, teacher and then executive headteacher. When I met Becky Haggar and learnt that brain tumours and brain injuries are the biggest killers of young people I wanted to be part of the group she and her husband Cyril set up. My first visit to a Hillingdon Brain Tumour Group meeting was such a wonderful surprise. There was such positivity, energy and laughter in the group. I wanted to be involved and make a difference to an amazing group. I love our meetings and see my role as trustee that the group works for the best outcomes for all.

Malcom Underhill

Malcom Underhill

I am a solicitor who specialises in acting for those who have sustained a brain injury. My legal and practical experience in this field of practice has given me a good understanding of brain physiology and the consequences of injury. As part of the desire to increase my depth of knowledge I have completed a course in Brain Injury Studies, run by Headway in partnership with Northampton University. I have become involved with the Hillingdon Brain Tumour and Injury Group as I wish to raise the profile of brain tumour to ensure earlier diagnosis and better outcomes for survivors and their families following treatment.” For more information check out our website

Mick Geraghty

Mick Geraghty

Middlesex FA Outstanding Achievement Award winner 2017, who organises our chair football session every Wednesday. He also organises football in  hospices and dementia care homes. He is also club coach for Uxbridge Amblers Walking Football club

Abhay Shah

Abhay Shah

I am the proprietor of Caremark (Hillingdon), a local home care provider. I became involved with HBTIG after meeting Becky and Cyril at a local charity event. I found it incredible to hear how unrecognised brain tumours were and how little support there was for patients. Therefore I decided to become involved with HBTIG as it is a very worthwhile cause and the support that HBTIG provides literally changes lives for the better. Plus the meetings are always good fun!

Nayan Patel

Nayan Patel

Nayan Patel is Risk Management specialist with over thirty-five years of experience in International Banking. He has held senior leadership positions in the financial services industry and serves as an advisor to a number of charities and organizations in the public and private sectors.

He also serves as an Advisor to Rotary India Literacy Mission and as a Special Representative for Rotary International and its charity arm The Rotary Foundation. Nayan’s method of outreach on humanitarian efforts globally is through direct engagement with wider civic society.

Born and brought up in Kenya, Nayan completed his higher education in the UK at Trinity College in London and Manchester Business School specialising in International Banking.

A committed social entrepreneur, Nayan has expertise in building strategic links between organizations and brings with him a wealth of leadership experience to the HBTG  Board.

Ally Foley

Ally Foley

I was invited by Mick Geraghty to come along to one of the support meetings and was welcomed into the meeting by a very friendly group and it made me want to help more. I lost a friend to brain tumour and wanted to get more involved in supporting others. I originally come from Hayes and moved near to High Wycombe in 1984. I work full time and it’s difficult to get to the support meetings but still wanted to help in some way. Becky approached me to become the Treasurer, which I accepted. I come from an accounts background and have been a Bookkeeper for many years. I hope that the little I can give the group helps them grow.