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Hillingdon Brain Tumour Group is an independent, local charity set up to help local people. Our funding comes exclusively from your donations and our fundraising.

Every penny donated to Hillingdon Brain Tumour Group means we can save lives in Hillingdon and local areas by sending out more information packs, offer life-saving postoperative care packages, neuropsychological counselling, child bereavement counselling, raising awareness of symptoms and so much more.

Help us by making a one-off donation or make a commitment to support us on a regular basis. Become a ‘Friend of Hillingdon Brain Tumour and Injury Group’ by pledging just £4 per month. Knowing that we can rely on that consistent income enables us to have the financial foundations to continue to run the group – it’s vitally important to us, read more here.

Read more here to find out how your donations make a life-saving difference.

£5 will enable us to send out an information pack or help us keep our website up and running
£10 will pay for books or leaflets not widely available
£50 will enable us to distribute our newsletter
£70 allows us to run one support group meeting
£100 will pay for expert advice
£250 will pay for a private referral
£300 will pay for a patient or family to work with a neuropsychologist or will give a weekend respite for a whole family on the beautiful Sussex coast

A family accessing the group’s support system typically costs the group around £1000 depending on the complexity of their needs. In turn, this potentially saves local and national services thousands by preventing families and patients reaching crisis point – whether that is medically, financially or emotionally.

If you are not able to support us financially please consider volunteering with us – there are so many ways to get involved. Take a look here for more details.

To become a friend and donate £4 a month please contact us direct on

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